Exterior Sun Shades

Exterior Sun Shades are used to protect the windows and doors and other areas from the affect of the direct sun light. These sun shades are customizable and thus can be designed according to the wish of the customers. They are available in various sizes and colors. The customers should choose the color carefully so that the color of the sun shades matches with the color of the homes. They help in reducing the temperature inside the home and thereby keeping the home cool. These sun shades block up to 90% of the direct sun rays. They come with the adjustable facility so that the customer can adjust the position of these shades as required. They are available in both interior and the exterior sun shades. According to the style and the size the prices of these sun shades get varied. They are made up of the metal frames and canvas. These awnings at homes prevent the attack of the direct sunlight. They also prevent the attack of the heavy wind also. Most of the people use these sun shades in the windows and the balcony areas. They come in the retractable way so that the customers can remove the sun shade if they do not need it and then can fix it again if they need the sun shade. Various materials are being used for the making of the sun shades. They are the acrylic, polyester materials. The below image shows the exterior window sun shades.

The above shown model is one of the roll up window exterior sun shades and awnings. These sun shades are used in various places in the homes. They protect the windows to a great extent. They provide wide choices of the fabrics and the finishes. The easy shade window shade is also available in the market that makes the outside world to be visible partially to the customers. This model of the sun shade is given below as follows.

This type of sun shade is used in the porch, gazebo, pergola, and in some other outdoor structures. They are also available in manually operated and machine operated modes. They block to about 80% of the sun rays, wind and moisture. They are mildews resistant sun shades. They are also very durable and thus last for a longer life. They can be installed easily in all the homes. They add the external appearance of the home to the great extent. They also provide hassle free installation of these exterior roller shades. They are available in wood finishes also to enhance the look of the home. They come in variety of colors. The designs are also customizable and thus the customers can get the awning of their desired design. They provide wide choices of the fabrics and the finishes. There are also various brands producing these awesome and useful exterior sun shades. You can also found various online stores selling these sun shades.

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